Wood Bats

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Louisville Slugger M9 Blue Maple Wood Bat
  • The Louisville Slugger M9 Wood Baseball Bat is made of very dense timber with great surface hardness. The M( Wood Baseball Bat features closed-grain structure which makes the bat less prone to flake.
  • Product Features
  • Outstanding durability
  • Maple
  • Blue barrel
  • 15/16" Handle
  • Medium Barrel
  • H359 Turning Model
  • Cupped
Rawlings Pro Wood Fungo Bat
  • The Rawlings NEW wood fungo bat makes hitting ground balls and ground balls easy. Comes with a new pro fungo profile,ultra-light feel
  • Highlights:
  • 2 1/4" barrel
  • Professional grade ash wood
  • 35"
Louisville Slugger Adult 180 Ash Natural Wood Bat
  • Natural, player-preferred finish
  • Adult pro model bat
  • Durable ash wood offers better flex and whip
  • Classic construction, used by major leaguers
  • Strong, smooth and durable
Louisville Slugger Adult MLB Prime C271 Maple Wood Bat
  • We proudly introduce the MLB Prime series, the hardest wood bats ever produced by Louisville Slugger. We rebuilt our wood bats from the ground up using veneer ash, which is the highest-quality ash available. Amish craftsmanship, 360-degree compression and an Advanced Finish System create a bat with a harder hitting surface, zero soft spots and a more satisfying "crack."
  • The VAC271 turning model is swung by pros like Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds, one of the game's most versatile hitters. This turning model has a large barrel and 15/16" handle for a balanced swing.
  • Lots of bats claim to be "authentic." But make no mistake - the MLB Prime bat is exactly what you see MLB players use on the field all season long.
Louisville Slugger Adult C271 Black Maple Wood Bat
  • Maple stands out as a dense timber with greater surface hardness than ash, leading many players to believe it gives them a sizable bump in performance. Due to its close-grained timber, maple bats are less prone to the flaking found on barrels of ash bats.
Louisville Slugger Pro Lite  Ash Natural / Black  Wood Bat
  • Pro stock lightweight northern white ash construction
  • Ash wood is lightweight and porous, providing increased flex and whip at the plate
  • Large barrel design expands the hitting zone and provides better balance
  • Cupped end provides ultra-light swing weight for faster bat speeds
  • Two-tone black handle and unfinished barrel provides a natural, pro-preferred look
  • Handle: 15/16"
  • Turning model: C271
Mizuno Classic Maple Brown Wood Bat
  • Hard Maple
  • Hand selected from premium maple wood
  • Cupped for balanced swing weight
  • Used by some of the games premier players
  • New Models updated with New Lightweight Design for lighter swing weight
Louisville Slugger Adult 125 Ash Wood Baseball Bat
  • No other bat combines heritage, expertise, and superior lumber and craftsmanship like Louisville Slugger. Louisville Slugger's 125 ash wood bats are randomly selected from the following turning models: C271, P72, C243, R161, T141 and K55. These bats were pulled from their original production line for some minor flaw that will not affect the bat's performance. These small production errors mean deep savings on superior bats ideal for practice, batting cages or even games.
Louisville Slugger Hard Maple Black  Wood Bat
  • Rock Hard maple wood construction provides a harder, more durable hitting surface for increased hitting distance
  • Maple wood is a dense grain that is less prone to flaking and splintering
  • Cupped end provides faster swing speeds and overall better performance
  • Natural barrel and handle finish with double-dipped clear coating offers an ultra-hard finish and classic style
  • Handle: 15/16"
  • Model shown is not necessarily what you will receive at time of purchase Assorted turning models are randomly selected based on moisture content of wood at time of harvesting Possible turning models: C271, P72, S318, C243, R161, T141, I13 and M110
Mizuno Adult Classic Bamboo Natural Wood Bat
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  • Excellent training bat for extended bat life span
  • Exceptional durability
  • Over 30 years of expertise in engineering of Bamboo bats
  • BBCOR Certified
  • Sanded handle for better grip