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Easton S1 -12 Youth Bat
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  • If you have a need for speed then the new Easton S1 is the thing for your swing. We have packed the S1 with technology that amps up your bat speed optimizes the sweet sizes spot and rewards every swing with a powerful feel.
Easton 2014 FS50 -10 Fast Pitch Softball Bat
  • The Easton FP14S50 youth FS50 fastpitch bat is a fantastic youth bat at an incredible price. The thin 31/32" handle is wrapped in a cushioned grip to help alleviate harsh vibrations. The FS50 features a fully rolled-over alloy end for years of durability.
  • -10 length-to-weight ratio
  • Durable aluminum alloy w/ rolled over end
  • Cushioned grip
  • Ultra-thin 31/32" handle
  • 98 MPH certified
  • ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, ISF approved
Easton S200 -10 Youth Baseball Bat
  • -10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for Play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC, and USSSA
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Cushioned Grip
  • Durable Aluminum Alloy for Fast Swing Speed
  • Features USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp
  • One-Piece, Alloy Construction
  • Ultra-thin 29/32 Inch Handle
Easton XL3 -11 2015 Youth Baseball Bat
  • Hyperlite Matrix Alloy barrel: Expanded sweet spot and greater durability
  • Extra-long barrel design for an expanded hitting zone
  • Ultra-thin 29/32" composite handle with performance diamond grip
  • 2 1/4" barrel diameter
  • Certification: USSSA 1.15 BPF, Little League, Babe Ruth Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Pony Baseball, AABC
Louisville Slugger Youth Hard Maple Wood Bat
  • No other bat combines heritage, expertise, and superior lumber and craftsmanship like Louisville Slugger. These bats were pulled from their original production line for some minor flaw that will not affect the bat's performance. These small production errors mean deep savings on superior bats ideal for practice, batting cages or even games.
Easton XL1 -3 BBCOR Bat
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  • Ready to unleash a monster? Then take your cuts with the new Easton XL1 and enjoy the benefits of a monster barrel without losing speed or feel. Thanks to our lightweight yet strong IMX Advanced Composite Barrel we have designed a bat that has a longer barrel and a massive sweet spot without feeling end heavy or unforgiving.
Rawlings Raptor -13 T-Ball Bat
  • Rawlings Raptor -13 T-Ball Baseball Bat. This bat features a 2 1/4" T-ball barrel and premium wrap style grip on the 31/32" handle. This bat is approved for play in all youth T-Ball leagues and is very lightweight. This bat also features the Low Rider ultra tough end plug which testing has shown that this end plug is able to withstand hard ball-to-bat impacts. In addition to this, the new Low Rider reduces damage due to miss-hits off the end of the bat.
X12 -12 Fastpitch Bat
  • The X12 is a two piece composite bat built for performance. Made with a 100% Composite design for thinner high-strength walls and joined by two piece connection technology the X12 dramatically reduces vibration and improves feel on every hit. The X12 features a balanced swing weight for superior feel and control making it a perfect fit for up and coming players.
  • 100% composite design
  • 2 piece bat construction
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Online Exclusive
Easton Mako -3 2015 BBCOR Baseball Bat
  • Fastest bat through the zone with the most barrel in the zone
  • TCT Thermo Composite Technology: A massive sweet SIZES spot and unmatched bat speed
  • CXN: Patented two-piece ConneXion technology maximizes energy transfer for optimized feel
  • 31/32" composite handle with performance diamond grip
  • 2 5/8" barrel diameter
  • BBCOR certified
Rawlings Raptor T-Ball Bat -12 Oz
  • 1.15 BPF approved for all associations
  • Balanced -12 design for max swing speed
  • 2 1/4" barrel diameter, Official T-Ball
  • One Year Manufacturer's Warranty
DeMarini 2015 Ultimate Weapon Slow Pitch Softball Bat
  • When the game calls for single wall play there is no other choice. The one-piece beast is designed to perfection with SC4 Alloy for maximum power and control. This legendary offensive force produces a sweet spot that'll keep the outfielders running for the fence- while you jog around the bases.
Louisville Slugger 2015 Armor -12 Youth Baseball Bat
  • Designed for power and contact hitters alike, the 2015 Louisville Slugger Armor Youth Bat is designed to help improve your youngster's game. This one-piece metal baseball bat is constructed with durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, built to withstand all the demands of the season. The -12 drop of the 2015 Armor is light and easy to control, while the end cap helps transfer energy toward the ball and dramatically reduce vibration.
  • Single-piece aluminum alloy frame is both durable and lightweight
  • End cap reduces vibration and helps transfer energy towards the ball with every swing
  • Tapered 7/8'' handle with synthetic grip eliminates the sting
DeMarini 2015 Bustos -13 Fast Pitch Softball Bat
  • Most players can only dream of becoming as great of a hitter as Crystl Bustos, but this year she helped design the 2015 Bustos bat to give younger players their best shot! Made with a Fiber Reinforced Composite handle and a DX1 Alloy barrel, you can swing for the fences without having to worry about hand sting or vibrations. A 13 ounce weight drop is essential to help youth players get their barrel through the zone as fast as possible in order to ensure maximum performance.
Pro Stock Lite C271 Ash Wood Bat
  • The Louisville Slugger Pro Stock Lite Wood Bat Series is made from flexible dependable premium ash wood and is guaranteed to have a minus 3 drop or lighter. Despite a lightweight feel the Pro Stock Lite maintains all the durability of heavier models with the flexibility you expect from an ash bat.
  • C271 turning model is swung by pros like Brandon Phillips
  • Pro Cupped end
  • Online Exclusive
Easton 2014 S400 Fast Pitch Softball Bat
  • -12 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • 7050 Aircraft Alloy for Fast Swing Speed
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • One-Piece, Alloy Construction
  • Replacing the Easton Mystique-FP13MQ
  • Ultra-thin 29/32 Inch Handle
Easton 2014 S200 -10 Fast Pitch Softball Bat
  • -10 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Balanced Swing Weight
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty
  • One-Piece, Alloy Construction
  • Replacing the Easton Cyclone-FP13CY
  • Ultra-thin 31/32 Inch Handle
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