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STX AVA Junior Complete Lacrosse Stick

The Ava Junior Complete Stick from STX is the ideal stick for any youngster interested in Lacrosse.

  • Designed for the developing player, this complete stick has an overall length of just 36". The shorter length helps make ball handling easier for smaller bodies and little hands.
  • A wider face makes catching much easier, while lower sidewalls allow for a larger pocket and better ball control. The flat style scoop teaches young-guns the technique of scooping ground balls.
  • Overall, the Ava Junior complete stick is a helpful tool when learning the fundamentals of girl's lacrosse.
  • Note: The handle length does not meet specifications for high school and college play.
Nike Tala Womens Complete Lacrosse Stick
  • Maximum ball stop height and angle
  • Stiff, sleek and edgy
  • Multiple recessed stringing holes
  • Forward Cant
Brine Empress Complete Black Womens Lacrosse Stick
  • The Empress Lacrosse Complete Stick was especially developed for defensive players and combines power and control. The long and narrow face of the head creates a pocket that ensures great control and handling. The structure and design of the sidewall makes it more robust and and flexible. The Empress is also the most powerful complete stick in its class and meets US Lacrosse as well as IFWLA specifications.
  • Designed for defensive players
  • Stick combines power and control
  • Features a long, narrow face
  • Pocket ensures great control and handling
  • Robust and flexible sidewall
  • Most powerful complete stick of its class
  • Meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specifications
STX Youth Pink Starter Pack
  • Level Stick
  • Youth 4Sight+ goggle
  • Essential Stick Bag
  • Meets FIL specifications
STX NTrance with 7075 Handle Womens Complete Lacrosse Stick
  • Stiff design for defensive players
  • Aggresive incline from the bottom rail to the scoop for a quicker release
  • Grooved sidewalls reduce weight without sacrificing strength
  • STX Forward Cant
  • Complete stick includes NEW 7075 handle
  • Meets FIL specifications when used with the STX Precision Pocket
STX Attack on Fade 2 Complete Womens Lacrosse Stick
  • The STX Women's Attak on Fade 2 Complete Lacrosse Stick introduces the most popular head in the game with a full makeover. The Attak head features an angular upturn from sidewall to scoop for increased ball retention, accuracy and feel. Plus, the elastomer overmold reduces ball rattle while promoting accurate passing and shooting. The tapered Fade 2 handle provides superior performance for a winning game.
  • Angular upturn from sidewall to scoop increases ball retention, accuracy and feel
  • Elastomer overmold reduces ball rattle
  • Promotes accurate passing and shooting
  • Full tapered handle from 7/8" to 1"
  • Composite handle with soft octagon shape
  • Reversible handle allows head at either end
  • Handle stays temperate to keep hands warm, even in cold weather
  • Soft, rubberized finish
  • Strung head: Ramp Pocket
Brine Allure Womens Complete Lacrosse Stick Lime
  • The Allure Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick from Brine
  • Wide face for easy catching. Thin flat scoop for ease in ground ball pick ups. Recessed lacing channel provides stiffness and lace protection.
  • Meets US Lacrosse and IFWLA specs