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Head Ti.S6 Adult Tennis Racquet
  • A straight beam coupled with a head heavy widebody, this ultra-light titanium model has more power than the Ti S5 and more control than the now discontinued Ti.S7.
  • With its excellent torsional stability, the S6 will perform best in the hands of players with compact to medium stroke styles seeking a larger sweetspot that combines a nice balance of power and an open string pattern producing an ideal for topspin and slice players with an all court game. The S6 comes fully equipped with Heads Titanium technology, which provides much needed stability and comfort for the player. This composite weave allows the racquet to be very lightweight to reduce stress on the playe
Nike Air Vapor Advantage Womens Tennis Shoe

The responsive Nike Air Vapor Advantage Women's Tennis Shoe has a light and nimble feel that helps you cover the court with speed and efficiency.

  • Innovative lacing system offers a custom fit and arch support.
  • Air-Sole unit in the heel for impact cushioning.
  • XDR outsole for long-lasting durability and traction.
E-Force Bullet Racquetball Racquet
  • 22" LongString Technology: Massive power, mainstrings extend from tup of racquet through entire length of handle. Only available from E-Force
  • 10.5" Cross-String Technology: Crushing power! Cross-strings extend the full width of the frame in free space, through Monster String Holes, and are anchored at the outside edges of the frame
  • Zero Richer Tubes: Mainstrings are enclosed in 48" or more of vibration-damping tubes inside in the handle. Creates better feel while allowing full movement of strings in free space for added power
  • By-Pass Stringing: Mainstrings skip every two holes. The ball does not directly strike two mainstrings at once. The strings move independently, creating livelier ball response and longer string life
  • Monster String Holes: Giant holes allow strings to anchor on the outside edges of the frame and move 360-degrees in free space. The strings do not touch the frame's inside edge. They are longer and more powerful
E-Force Torment Racquetball Racquet
  • 22" LongString Technology: Mainstrings run full length of racquet frame for maximum deflection and the most power ever
  • 10.5" Cross-String Technology: Cross-strings extend from outside edges of frame in free space through oversize string holes
  • Full-Motion Cross-Strings: Strings move 360-degrees in free space for livelier string bed, more power
  • Titanium Construction: Reduces weight, adds power
Wilson Nemesis 100 Tennis Raquet
  • The Nemesis 100 is an ideal balance of playability and power to fit most players.
  • Pattern: 16x19
  • Balance: 4 pts HL (Strung)
  • Cross Section: 22 mm RG BEAM
  • Length: 27" / 68.6 cm
  • Strung Weight: 10.1 oz / 285 g
  • Grip Sizes: 4 1/4", 4 3/8", 4 1/2"
  • Head Size: 100"
  • Arrives strung and without a cover
Head Championship Squash Balls 3-Pack Tube
  • Made of an extreme soft rubber compound, this ball incorporates highest performance and ultimate durability. The perfect ball for professional, tournament and team players; Approved to meet World Squash Federation Specifications.
Head Renegade Right-Handed Racquetball Glove
  • Premium textured leather with ultra-soft treatment provides enhanced durability with long lasting performance and comfort
  • High performance COOLTECH Spandex for maximum circulation, cooling and comfortable fit
  • COOLTECH Microfiber COOLMESH for maximum breathability and cooling
  • Leather and padded dive pads for added protection and durability
Head MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack
  • Release your power with the HEAD MX Hurricane Racquetball Pack. The pack includes the MX Hurricane Metallix racquet, two Penn balls and a pair of HEAD eyeguards. With this racquet, you'll be able to maximize your power with increased head speed at impact.
  • Power Zone String Pattern provides optimal power while offering unique vibration dampening qualities.
  • Quick maneuverability offers quicker reaction time for the fastest on-court action.
  • Pro Grip synthetic grip offers a naturally tacky feel for excellent grip.
Wilson Venus/Serena 25-Inch Junior Tennis Racquet
  • Experience for yourself why Wilson is the #1 name in tennis. Designed for aspiring players by the top female players in the world, the Venus/Serena Tennis Racket is made of airlite alloy for lightweight strength, with an O-beam design for power and stability. The bumper guard extends the racket's life, making this a durable and long-lasting racket.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
Wilson Federer 21-Inch Junior Tennis Racquet
  • The Roger Federer 21" junior tennis racket is equipped with Quadriform Technology for stable control. Perfect for a 5-6 year old. Comes fully strung
  • Pattern 16x17
  • Balance 2 pts HL (Strung)
  • Cross Section 19 mm RG
  • Length 21" / 53.3 cm
  • Strung Weight 6.3 oz / 180 g
  • Head Size 95"
Wilson Pro Power Light 112 Tennis Raquet
  • The Wilson Pro Power Lite 112 tennis racket has en extended length of 27.5" (699mm) that helps ensure extra power. It incorporates a big 112in2 (722cm2) head which delivers an enhanced sweet spot for more accuracy on off-centre hits and is equipped with an open 16x20 string pattern for more spin and a solid feel on shots. The racket weighs 270g (9.5oz) and is supplied head light balanced to be easier to manoeuvre.
  • Comes packaged without a cover.
Wilson Pro Feel Dampeners
  • The Wilson Pro Feel Dampener has the following features: The Wilson Pro Feel dampener are fine, compact dampeners that reduce the vibrations of the racket. The dampeners, a 2-pack, are designed in the colours silver and red and are shaped like the Wilson logo.
Wilson Micro-Dry + Comfort Replacement Grip
  • Thick foam backing for maximum softness.
Head Sharapova Instinct 25
  • The HEAD Instinct Jr. 25" Tennis Racquet is just the right size for young players.
  • HEAD Instinct Jr. 25" Tennis Racquet:
  • Head size: 25"
  • Ideal for players 50-55" in height
  • Made of aluminum
  • String pattern: 16/19
  • Suggested age range: 8-10 years
Wilson Cushion Pro Replacement Grip
  • Comfortable, thick backing for maximum cushion
  • 1 per package
Wilson Federer 25

The Roger Federer 25 junior tennis racket is equipped with Quadriform Technology for stable control. Perfect for a 9-12 year old. Comes fully strung.

  • Pattern 16x17
  • Balance 1 pt HH (Strung)
  • Cross Section 20 mm RG
  • Length 25" / 63.5 cm
  • Strung Weight 7.9 oz / 225 g
  • Head Size 95"
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