Gofit ProGym Extreme
Gofit ProGym Extreme
  • The GoFit ProGym Extreme is a complete home gym, much like our Ultimate ProGym letting you train anywhere, anytime but with many more resistance levels and several enhanced features.
  • The ProGym Extreme comes complete with a durable, laminated exercise manual filled with photos and instruction for exercises, scientifically proven to build strength, balance and tone. Following a regimen using these exercises, along with a balanced diet will help you feel better and have more energy with reduced pain for an active life style. This all fits into a heavy-duty mesh travel bag with drawstring closure truly a complete gym-on-the-go.
  • Whether you are building size and strength, or increasing muscle definition, the key to the ProGym Extreme is the ability to add or subtract resistance. The ProGym Extreme includes 5 Color-coded Resistance Tubes: Red - 5lb, Blue - 10lb, Green - 15lb, Black - 20lb and Orange - 25lb. You can obtain 15 levels of resistance by creating different combinations of the tube strengths ranging from 5lbs to 75lbs. Regardless of your fitness level, the GoFit ProGym Extreme will help you attain a healthier you!
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Gofit ProGym Extreme
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