Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet
Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet

HEAD has developed technologies for the complete range of pre-strung racquets with more aggressive performance features and benefits making it easy for the consumer to choose the right racquet. The Tour Pro, which is linked to the ATP Tour, includes Nano Titanium Technology and a Super Oversized head for a Maximum Sweetspot.

  • Ti. Technology: HEAD has taken their original Nano Titanium Fiber and coated it with a specially refined Plasma. The result is a smoother surface that is stiffer, creating extraordinary power with a more lively feel for ultimate touch. Power that you can feel in every shot.
  • Extreme Grid: HEAD's Extreme Grid is incorporated into the bridge f the racquet. This unique technology provides better stability, strength and feel in the heart of the racquet by adding a specially textured material where the racquet foes the most work. By making the throat strong, you have more stability on off center hits as well as a larger sweet spot.
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Head Tour Pro Tennis Racquet
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