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Kan Jam Illuminate Glow-in-the-Dark Kit
  • Glow-in-the-dark KanJam accessory kit
  • Contains 2 Illuminated KanJam Glow Attachments
  • Official KanJam disc glows over an hour
  • Engraved with KanJam logo
  • Perfectly designed for the game
  • Disc Size: 11" diameter
  • Disc Weight: 168g
Kan Jam Mini KanJam Flying Disc Game
  • KanJam MINI is the Ultimate indoor/outdoor game.
  • Play it Everywhere! Great for Dorm Room, Rec Room, Patio, Basement, Hallways, Parties, Tailgating, Beach and more!
  • TWO WAYS TO PLAY! Team members take turns throwing and deflecting MINI Disc to score points. One vs One is fast paced and exciting!
  • Each KanJam MINI game includes:
  • - 2 durable, highly portable official MINI goals
  • - 2 official KanJam MINI Labels
  • - Custom-designed official KanJam MINI flying disc
  • - Instructions
Kan Jam Mini Flying Discs Set Of Three
  • KanJam Premium MINI Discs are engineered to deliver accuracy and a Professional grade playing experience. Each MINI Disc is inspected before shipping and ismade of the highest quality materials.
  • The unique manufacturing process captures all the elements that keep your disc shape intact, giving you years of reliable fun and playing time.
  • This package contains three (3) MINI Flying Discs