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Preparing for a summer full of swim and dive practice to prep for the upcoming season? Need a cut-out one piece that matches your school’s color scheme for the big swim meet? If you’re looking to makeover your performance swimwear attire and make a huge splash at the next practice or meet, look no further than Modell’s Sporting Goods. With the best and brightest in performance swimwear, designed to take your speed and movement up a notch, we’ve got everything you need to shave those seconds off your time and break your new highest score.

For both women’s and girls swimwear, finding the ideal one piece can be nothing short of a hassle. Comfort, performance, durability, fashion, all items you should consider equally, but finding a catch-all can feel next to impossible at times. A suit made of lightweight, poly fabric is perfect for withstanding long sessions in a chlorinated pool while retaining both stretch and color. Open back suits are great for increasing range of motion, a must when executing skillful high dives or competing in difficult, shoulder-heavy races like the butterfly stroke.

With men and boys swimwear in mind, we proudly stock a huge variety of men's performance swimwear briefs and jammers that conform to the body and leave as little as possible between you and the water. In awesome color designs with a stretch that suits you, shop Modell’s for the ultimate in men's swimwear and swim apparel.

We also carry classic swimwear like bikini-style tops and trunks for events like beach volleyball, with a focus on style, bright color palettes, and less coverage. With elite-level swimwear brands in stock, including Laguna, Nike, Speedo, Pacific Scene and many more, Modell’s Sporting Goods will have you in stylish, high performance swimwear that will take the competition by storm.