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Gym Bags

Looking for a better solution to carrying your clothes, water bottle and personal belongings to and from the gym? Have an hour during lunch to get a quick workout in, but you don’t want your gym clothes intermingling with your favorite outfit to wear at the office? We completely understand your dilemma, and that’s why Modell’s Sporting Goods has partnered with iconic sporting brands to bring you an array of gym bag options for any type of style, personality and exercise occasion. Whether you’re wanting a more informal gym bag like a drawstring sack with multipurpose use, or you’re in need of a more committed gym bag like a duffel, Modell’s is guaranteed to have something for you. 


The drawstring gym sack is a great lowkey way to store your items on the way to and from the gym. Typically one large compartment made of a nylon material so it can conform to whatever you’d like to carry, these bags are versatile enough to double as a day bag when pants pockets are a no-go and you need to store your belongings somewhere. They’re great for storing your gym clothes and a few extra belongings in and carrying along with you throughout the day. They also feature stylish color options and even professional team options, so you can support your favorite football or basketball franchise. 


If you’d like to store larger items like training sneakers, a duffel gym bag is the move for you. This popular choice has a thicker material for a more stated form, but can still hold a number of different sized items. Coming with the option of a shoulder strap or handles and additional zippered pockets, this is the ideal way to make sure all of your equipment makes its way with you for a day at the gym.