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Lacrosse Bags

Is an ordinary duffle bag not cutting it for hauling your lacrosse gear to and from practice and games? You need a bag specially designed to carry your equipment in an efficient, organized manner so you can concentrate on the game ahead. Modell’s Sporting Goods stocks lacrosse bags that are specifically designed for your game. You can rest easy knowing you have a place to stow cleats, helmets, sticks, jerseys and everything else you may need without worrying about whether or not something got left behind. 


A typical lacrosse bag features one of two options: exterior or interior stick storage. Exterior stick storage is a great way to free your hands up with a backpack lacrosse bag style. Just store your shin guards, jersey and helmet inside the compartments and use the adjustable side straps to hold your sticks securely in place. You may not have quite the storage capacity of a lacrosse bag with interior storage, but it can be a more comfortable bag to walk around during the day with. 


Larger duffle-style lacrosse equipment bags are sure to hold all of your gear in one convenient storage locale. Sticks are typically held either in an interior pocket or inside a sleeve along the side that is designed to hold multiple sticks. This is a fantastic option to maximize storage space, for lacrosse goalies or for coaches that’d like to bring some extra gear for their team. 


Modell’s Sporting Goods has partnered with superstar lacrosse brand STX to bring you the very best in newly-designed lacrosse bags. Coming in a range of sleek styles and color assortments, you’ll love the look of Modell’s lacrosse bags. Whether you’re interested in a shoulder strap duffle or backpack-style lacrosse bag, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting a comfortable bag that will last for years to come.