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Tennis Bags

Headed to the court to compete in your weekend neighborhood doubles match? Does your little one need a way to securely carry their racket and gear to practice after school? At Modell’s Sporting Goods, we have a huge inventory of top-notch tennis bags and racquet bags that will keep your gear mobile and organized. Whether you’re looking for a tennis backpack to throw on and walk down to the neighborhood court, or a dedicated tennis bag with shoulder strap to keep all your equipment in one place, Modell’s has something for you! 


We stock the finest in quality tennis and racquet brands that you know and love. If you’re looking for a durable, long lasting tennis bag from Head or a fashionable bag endorsed by your favorite players from Wilson, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in need of a more minimalist bag that will safely guard your high-priced racket from damage in transport, we have tennis bags that act as cases for your favorite racket. Looking for a larger bag to store your tennis shoes, clothing and tennis balls? A dedicated tennis backpack might be the move for you. Strap it on your back and be on your way with a classic backpack look that keeps your racket secure and has compartments for additional gear. 


If you’re the coach of a school tennis team and need a way to transport several rackets at once, our 6 and 12 pack tennis bags are the way to go. These bags can safely carry multiple rackets in one easy-to-use tennis bag, keeping them secure and divided to avoid unnecessary damage on your way to the court. 


Focus on your volley game, not how you’re going to carry your gear there. With Modell’s Sporting Goods, you’re guaranteed to find a tennis bag that’s the perfect match!