Capelli Sport Dual Action Massage/Fitness Ball


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Capelli Sport Dual Action Massage/Fitness Ball, Blue, large

Capelli Sport Dual Action Massage/Fitness Ball

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  • Half textured for added massage and half classic surface to fit all of your needs
  • Strengthens core muscles while improving balance and posture
  • Strengthen and tone your upper and lower body through a variety of workouts
  • Low-impact workout for your lower back to target your abs and tighten your core
  • Textured half delivers gentle massage to increase circultation during use
  • INFLATING BALL: DO NOT OVER INFLATE BALL. Inflate the ball with included hand pump. Insert pump nozzle into air hole of the ball. Inflate ball until ball has reached correct size. The exercise ball is inflated to your correct size when sitting on the ball, your hips and knees form a 90 degree angle and your thighs are parallel to the ground. After inflating the ball, quickly remove the pump nozzle and insert the plug into the air hole of the exercise ball. Check the ball for correct size. Add or release air until proper form is achieved.
  • TO DEFLATE BALL: DO NOT USE A SHARP INSTRUMENT TO REMOVE PLUG OR DEFLATE BALL. Remove plug and apply pressure to ball until deflated.

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