Yardley, PA
What’s your title at Modell's and how long have you been with the company?
SVP / Chief Information & Supply Chain Officer. I have been with Modell’s for 2 1/2 years.
How many races have you ran in total?
About five or six half marathons – in Philadelphia, Minneapolis and San Francisco.
Is this your first time participating in the BSR?
I ran the BSR for the first time last year.
When did you first develop the passion & motivation to run marathons?
I used to cycle a lot…did Century rides. I rode my bicycle from SF to Los Angeles (525 miles) on four different occasions. Then, one day I had a very bad crash. I broke both hands and separated my shoulder. For several months, I couldn’t hold onto the handlebars, so I started to run to keep in shape…and fell in love with running!
What do you consider your greatest running achievement?
My first 2 marathons were completed in 4 hours 16 minutes (Philly) and 4 hours 15 minutes (SF). I wondered if I could do a sub four hour marathon, and so at age 48 I changed my training and put in the work. I ran 3 hours 57 minutes in Phoenix. I felt sooooo good that day!!!
What is your training regimen leading up to the race? How far in advance do you begin training?
My first Broad Street Run last year I hadn’t run a single mile before I stepped up to the starting line. I’d just been doing CrossFit, and was asked to run with another who wanted the company. It wasn’t hard to complete the race at a 10:00/mile pace, but the recovery took a week. This year, I started a running program at the beginning of the year.
How often a week do you run and for how long?
I typically run 15 to 20 miles a week.
Do you belong to a runners club or run with a group?
I fly solo most of the time, but I’m always inviting others at work to join me and some say yes every now and then.
What's your preferred brand of running shoes?
Besides running, are there any other fitness-related activities you do to prepare?
What is your favorite outdoor location to run/train?
Parks…I love to do my long runs in new places as often as possible. It keeps my mind fresh through the long miles.
Do you have any race day rituals?
I prep and pack the day before so that I am not stressed at all the morning of the race, and I get up early so I can take my time getting to the starting line.
What does your diet look like leading up to race day?
Well, I just ate a 5 guys burger…so, that’s probably the best indication that this guy isn’t going to the BSR to race it. I enjoyed the event last year and am looking forward to it again. I always eat half a plain bagel w/PB and a banana 1.5 hours before a long run, and drink a large glass of water.