Bedminster, NJ
What’s your title at Modell's and how long have you been with the company?
Store Systems Business Analyst. I've worked for Modell’s for 8 years and 10 months.
How many races have you ran in total?
Only 1 “official” race which was the BSR last year. I’ve completed over 45 runs during training on my own.
Is this your first time participating in the BSR?
2015 was my first time participating in the BSR.
Why do you enjoy running?
I enjoy running because it’s something I’ve never been “good” at. I still don’t consider myself a runner, however running has made me realize I’m capable of achieving what I never thought was possible.
When did you first develop the passion & motivation to run marathons?
I found my passion in distance running when I kept moving past my goals. From not being able to run even 1 mile to passing the 10 mile mark has been really motivating and keeps me wanting to run further and faster every time.
What do you consider your greatest running achievement?
My greatest running achievement was running my first 5k under 28 minutes.
What is your training regimen leading up to the race? How far in advance do you begin training?
For the BSR I begin training 2-3 months in advance, but I always keep my cardio up in the gym year round.
How often a week do you run and for how long?
I try to get at least 3 runs in per week and up to 5 as the race gets closer. I usually only go right up to the 10 mile mark but vary throughout the week. For example: I might try to do a fast 5k, and then the next run I’ll do a slower 6 miles.
Do you belong to a runners club or run with a group?
I don’t belong to a runners club, but I do run frequently with my brother in-law. Having a group or a partner can help keep you up on your pace and keep you running in general!
What's your preferred brand of running shoes?
I love Asics for running. The new Gel Quantum 180s have been great. I also like Nike, the LunarTempos are VERY comfortable.
Besides running, are there any other fitness-related activities you do to prepare?
I’m always in the gym. I’m very into bodybuilding style weight lifting. I feel that lifting has helped me with running, to develop my leg muscles and generally keep me fit. I still do upper body, but definitely hold off on leg day 2 weeks before a run, to give myself some time to recover until after the race.
What is your favorite outdoor location to run/train?
I enjoy running on the road. I like to give myself a destination, this way I have my set finish spot in mind, running endlessly drives me crazy. Plus, seeing the cars pass by is motivation for me to not stop and to keep going!
Do you have any race day rituals?
I make sure to get really good sleep and stretch the night/evening before. I also make sure to charge my headphones and set my Spotify playlists.
What does your diet look like leading up to race day?
My diet is pretty clean leading up to race day. I’ll gradually add more complex carbs a few days leading up to the race so my body has enough energy to take on the miles. I also load up on water to make sure I’m hydrated. The day before the race I’ll have complex carbs with every meal (breads, pasta, oatmeal). At night, I cut the carbs and go straight for fats. Some peanut butter usually does the trick. The morning of, I try to keep things very light. I’ll usually do a protein shake and some simple carbs… it sounds weird but Twizzlers before a race is my secret for a quick source of energy. You want to replenish with complex carbs right after the race.