Turnersville, NJ
What’s your title at Modell's and how long have you been with the company?
SVP Operations, 25 years
How many races have you ran in total?
8. BSR, Half Marathons, 5K's
Is this your first time participating in the BSR?
No, 4 times
Why do you enjoy running?
I love that it is a break from my routine and helps reduce stress. I love being outdoors and exploring new places to run.
When did you first develop the passion & motivation to run marathons?
At age 42
What do you consider your greatest running achievement?
After only running for 4 years, I got my BSR run time down to 1 hr 16 mins from my first race when it was 1 hr 40 mins.
What is your training regimen leading up to the race?
I may up my 20 mile average to 40 miles per week, to get more miles in.

I begin training 4 weeks in advance.

I normally run 4 days per week, an average of 5 miles per day.
What's your preferred brand of running shoes?
Besides running, are there any other fitness related activities you do to prepare?
I pay closer to attention to my diet.
What is your favorite outdoor location to run/train?
Ocean City Boardwalk
What does your diet look like leading up to race day?
The night before I make salmon, vegetables and a big pasta dish and hydrate by drinking a ton of water.