Pennsauken, NJ
What’s your title at Modell's and how long have you been with the company?
Director of Store Budgeting & Reporting. August will be 25 years with Modell’s.
How many races have you ran in total?
I have run 7 official races. 5K- 911 Heroes Run, Cinnaminson R&R 5k, Phillies 5K, WMGK 5K, SJAC Racing Series 5K (twice), 10Mile- BSR.
Is this your first time participating in the BSR?
This will be my 2nd BSR (2015 was my first). I want to knock 15 mins off my time.
When did you first develop the passion & motivation to run marathons?
I started running just for some basic exercise at age 48. Then that turned into a goal of running a 5K before I turned 50. That then turned into breaking PR’s and then participating in the BSR. My next target is to get a 13.1 sticker for my car. I plan on running my first half this fall.
What do you consider your greatest running achievement?
Completing the BSR run still feels like my greatest accomplishment in running so far. After I did the BSR, I started to blog. I enjoy posting my thoughts and reading many others daily and weekly blogs. They are motivational, informational, and I feel like I can connect with them now.
What is your training regimen leading up to the race?
I have been running pretty much year round since I started 3 years ago. I’ve created mileage goals by month in order to be ready for the BSR and the Half later in the year. I typically run 3-4 days a week and have stepped it up to 5 preparing for BSR.
Do you belong to a runners club or run with a group?
I use Strava as my App and a few other people running the BSR for Modell’s are very active on Strava as well. I also have some old classmates that are active that I share my experiences with. One of them is actually SVP of the New York Road Runners Organization.
What's your preferred brand of running shoes?
I used to be an adidas guy, but was talked into a Asics Nimbus 17 and will never go back.
Besides running, are there any other fitness related activities you do to prepare?
I coached my kids’ baseball and softball teams for many years and that kept me active. (youngest is 16 now, so that’s all done) Running is my primary exercise with some sit ups when I get to the gym.
What is your favorite outdoor location to run/train?
I run often at Cooper River Park near my house. It is 3.7M around the river. Sometimes I do two laps for my long runs or just in my neighborhood before work.
Do you have any race day rituals?
If the race is in the morning, I will have a wheat bagel with crunchy peanut butter and orange juice. If not in the morning, no real ritual. I do keep Gatorade Gels handy for longer runs if I need it.
What does your diet look like leading up to race day?
I have been trying to lose 5-7 pounds for the race (with not much luck). But I have been eating healthy (and often) and feel in good condition and ready for the race. I will probably do a couple of 10K runs over the next 2 weeks and then just run light after that, up to 2 days before. Going through it last year has helped me prepare. I now know the morning routine on race day (when to eat, warm up, etc…) Last year was very warm, so looking for it to be a little cooler.