Severna Park, MD
What’s your title at Modell's and how long have you been with the company?
Senior Manager of IT, 16 years
How many races have you ran in total?
Not sure…I’m pretty new to running and before “really” running just did mostly fun runs:
Lots of color runs, a couple mud runs, a few 5k's, Zoo Zoom 8k, Across the Bay 10k, Sole of the City 10k
Is this your first time participating in the BSR?
Why do you enjoy running?
I enjoy running because it gets me outside to run around and see things (beautiful scenery, nature, animals, etc.), smell the air in the different seasons, feel alive, relieve stress and on those long rainy runs it’s fun to see the others that are as dedicated as you. Plus, did I mention?… it’s a great workout! :)
When did you first develop the passion & motivation to run marathons?
Whoah! Who said anything about marathons? :) Actually, that is my long goal, but right now I am focused on building the foundation to get me there.
What do you consider your greatest running achievement?
Hmmm… Well, when I first started running, I thought I could do anything, run anything and go as far as I wanted. With almost no running experience or training, I set out for a 9 mile run. I completed it, but not without consequence. For a long time after that, I couldn’t go 2-3 miles without severe knee pain caused by my IT band. With proper stretching, a proper training plan, and amazing support from my loved ones, I was able to run 11 miles last week with no pain! Lesson learned: Stick to the (training) plan!
What is your training regimen leading up to the race?
Hard for me to say! I’m a newbie to running. I started training at the beginning of the year as a New Year’s Resolution so that I could be ready for a half marathon in May. I knew with my IT band problems that had given me a lot of knee and hip pain, I would need a long, slow, steady program. It's working for me! :)
How often a week do you run and for how long?
About 20 miles/week right now.
Do you belong to a runners club or run with a group?
There are people that I have run with on occasion, but mostly I’m on my own! I enjoy my running time.
What’s your preferred brand of running shoes?
Besides running, are there any other fitness-related activities you do to prepare?
I am always working out with a Beachbody program. (Insanity, IM30, T25, Cize, P90X3) I consider ShaunT to be my personal trainer. LOL ("You cannot succeed if you don’t surpass your own expectations.” -ShaunT)
What is your favorite outdoor location to run/train?
I will only say that I don’t like to continually run the same routes and I like a place with good scenery – especially for those longer runs! Oh yes, and I loathe the treadmill! I’ll run in the winter or in the rain over the treadmill any time!
Do you have any race day rituals?
Not yet… maybe I should? I’ll let you know later.