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Bollinger Leather Jump Rope
  • Leather jump rope
  • 9ft Leather jump rope with ball-bearing handles for smooth rotation
  • This is a boxer's favorite excercise tool
Bollinger Weighted Jump Rope
  • Removable 1/2 lb weights in rubber grip handles
  • 9' Length thick, vinyl rope
  • Ball bearings for smooth rotation
Bollinger Adjustable Hand Grip 20lbs-90lbs
  • The Adjustable Hand Grip is an effective way to strengthen your hand grip and tone your arm muscles. Built for high-repetition endurance training, the Adjustable Hand Grip includes variable weight increments from 20lbs to 90 lbs of resistance. By simply turning the knob back and forth, you are able to find the ideal tension for your exercises and increase the resistance as your strength improves. Perfect for anyone wishing to build hand and forearm strength or anyone in the beginning stages of rehabilit
  • It's also a great way to relieve stress!


Bollinger Trimmer Belt with Magnets

Helps shed water weight by using your body heat.


  • Premium neoprene belt with hook, loop closure, and magnets.
  • Waist trimmer
Bollinger Yoga Mat Purple
  • The Bollinger Yoga Mat features a colorful, non-slip surface that provides comfort and stays in place easily. The lightweight mat measures 68" x 24" and rolls up easily for convenient storage.
  • Features
  • 68" x 24" x 1/8" (173cm x 61cm x 0.32cm)
  • Tacky, non-slip surface
  • Colorful, lightweight design
  • 15 minutes burns 75 calories
  • Areas of focus: Strength, Flexibility & Core
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