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Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Sport
  • The Perfect Ab Carver Sport helps you stengthen and tone your abs, core, arms, and back muscles. Very durable and compact for travel, this ab wheel features a wide wheel for stability as you carve left, right, and center. The spring-free hub supports unrestricted movement and allows you to increase workout intensity. With removable left/right handles, the Perfect Ab Carver Sport activates your muscles for an effective workout.
  • Ab wheel used to strengten and tone your abs, core, arms, and back
  • Features a wide wheel for extra stability as you carve left, right, and center
  • Supports unrestricted movement for workout intensity with spring-free hub
  • Offers ergonomic grips with removable left and right handles to activate muscles
  • Great for core workouts to strengthen and tone
Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro
  • Designed for core strength training, the Perfect Fitness Perfect Ab-Carver Pro features internal carbon-steel springs combined with a clutch that allows you to adjust your level of resistance. The ab wheel features angled handles to help activate arm muscles with ergonomic grips for control and comfortable use and a large, stable wheel with wide tread for maximum stability.
  • Designed for core strength training
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Internal carbon-steel springs combined with a clutch allows you to adjust your desired level of resistance
  • Angled handles help activate arm muscles
  • Large, stable wheel with wide tread for maximum stability
  • Ergonomic grips provide control and comfortable use
  • Manufacturer Warranty (general):
  • 1 year limited
Perfect Fitness Ab Straps
  • Attach to any pull-up bar or Multi-Gym
  • Heavy-duty construction with steel carabineer and rip-resistant fabric
  • Comfortable, sweat-resistant foam cushion
  • Includes 2 deluxe Abs Straps, quick-connect steel carabineers, downloadable online workout
Perfect Fitness Perfect Crunch
  • Innovative design - Breathable mesh provides total support of head, neck, and upper body
  • Targets your core instantly - Perform crunches effectively and comfortably
  • Flip over - For pushups, dips, and total body workout
  • Perfect for all fitness levels
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pull Up Assist Pro
  • The Perfect Pullup Assist Pro helps you get stronger and maximizes your workout by providing assistance when you do a pull up. Traditional pullups are hard, but the Pullup Assist Pro helps offset your weight so you can focus on technique and good form.
  • Increases the number of pullup sets and helps you work up to performing more unassisted pullups.
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pullup Basic
  • Adjusts to your fitness level
  • Easy to install
  • One size fits most - fits door frames from 27"- 36" wide
Perfect Fitness Perfect Push Up Elite
  • Patented smooth rotation increases muscle activation and maximizes results
  • Increases muscle strength and definition in arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs
  • Reduces joint strain in wrists and elbows through natural body movement
  • Ergonomic grip helps distribute weight and reduce pressure points
  • Off-road style tread securely grips all floor surfaces
Perfect Fitness Core Support Waistband
  • Compress and support abdominal muscles
  • Adjustable elastic back support
  • Fits up to 42" waist
  • Helps trim your waistline
Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro
  • Use your own body weight to get completely ripped with the Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Pro. The Multi Gym Pro easily hooks onto your doorframe and provides a total upper body workout. You will perfect three pull-up variations, chin-ups, sit-ups, and dips. The bar's heavy-duty construction features extra-thick pads to help protect the doorframe and supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Multi-functional fitness bar ideal for pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, and dips
  • Fits door frames from 27 inches to 35 inches in width
  • Adjustable height ensures secure fit
  • Easy to install with no drilling or tools required
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
Perefect Fitness Total Body Kit
  • The Total Body Kit is a 6 piece kit that combines the power of using Push, Pull, Core movements with FitDeck workout cards and Nutrition planning. It is everything you need to kick-start your total body transformation. Strength building equipment included in the kit are the Pushup Stands, Multi-Gym Sport and Ab-Carver Sport. Each device focuses on one of the key fundamental movements of Push, Pull and Core. The FitDeck Bodyweight and Core Blast cards contain exercises with varying levels of intensity. Shuffle the cards to change your daily workout and to focus on different muscle group. FitDeck Nutrition planning cards contain everything you need to transform your eating, snacking and drinking habits. Learn how to incorporate the core principles of portion control, meal balance and hydration into your daily life. This 6 piece kit is the perfect kit to start you on the path to healthy living.
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