Strength Training

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Marcy Flat Bench
  • The Marcy SB 315 multi-purpose utility flat bench allows you to perform a variety of exercises within a compact space.
Marcy Roman Chair
  • Marcy Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench allows you to get off the floor to stretch and strengthen your core abdominal and back muscles for improved fitness. This sturdy chair is well constructed and easy to set up with simple instructions. Designed to last for years of use, the Apex bench provides a more comfortable way to work your core muscle groups. With padded handles and adjustable two foam leg holders, it is possible to perform challenging exercises without a trainer or spotter. Your legs are
  • held in place by the supports, and you are able to hyperextend your abdominals, accessing more muscle groups. Boasting a super sturdy heavy gauge steel tubing frame, the sleek bench will tuck into the corner of a room when not in use, and high density deluxe boxed upholstery will hold up over time. Whether you would like to build and maintain six pack abs or strengthen your core to ease back pain and improve your posture, the Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench is a safe and solid way to target your
  • goals.
Marcy 150 lb. Stack Home Gym
  • Over 30 strength training exercises for a TOTAL BODY workout to burn calories and increase muscle mass. Resistance training not only builds lean and powerful muscles, it also increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories and lose unwanted weight.
Marcy Flat Bench
  • The combination of a well-built adjustable slant board and the additon of barbells or kettle weights open up limitless exercise possibilities. Begin by targeting abdominal, oblique and core muscles by positioning your body comfortably on the slant board and roller pads, positioning your body with proper form to correctly execute the exercises. Adding dumbbells or kettle weights expands the slant board into a versatile utility bench for adding strength training exercises to your workout routine.Adjustabl
  • back pad with 2 inch thick, high density foamSelf-adjusting ankle pads for improved supportDurable construction and powder-coated finishMaximum user weight is 300 lb. and maximum weight capacity is 600 lbs.SB-10510
Apex Slant Board
  • The JD-1.2 multi-purpose slant board allows you to perform a variety of exercises within a compact space. It strengthens abs and core muscles and tones your body. By adding freeweights or exercise bands to your workout routine, you will burn fat while targeting most major muscle groups.1 inch x 2 1/4 inch heavy duty tube frameComfortable high density deluxe boxed upholsteryDurable powder coated finishJD-1.2Online Exclusive
Marcy Power Tower
  • Marcy Apex Power Tower is a vertcal knee raise, pull up chin up , dipping station. The chin up bar contains multiple hand grip positions for a varying degree of upper body exercise possibilities. The frame is constructed of 14 gauge tubular steel frame construction and has a durable powder coated finish to prevent scratching and chipping.
Marcy Crunch Board and 40 lb. Vinyl Dumbbell Set
  • Target abdominal and core muscles, increase your metabolic rate and burn calories with this Crunch Board Dumbbell Set from Marcy Adjustable dumbbells allow you to strengthen muscles and ligaments and the multi position back pad adjusts for flat or decline exercises The compact designed Crunch Board features a durable 1 1/4 X2 3/4 Inch race track style tube frame, dumbbell storage rails, comfortable 2 inch high density boxed upholstery, contoured oversized foam roller pads with adjustable lower
  • ankle pads, scratch resistant powder coated finish and large front and rear stabilizers. Dumbbell set includes: Two 14 inch dumbbell handles, Four 7.5 lb. black plates, Four 2.5 lb. black plates and Four spring clip collars. 300 lbs. weight capacity.
Marcy Deluxe Power Tower
  • The Power Tower exercises chest and tricep muscles, back and bicep muscles, and targets abdominal and oblique muscles. The chin up bar is designed with multiple hand positions for varying grip placement. Its ergonomically angled VKR pads reduce stress to the shoulders rotator cuffs while better securing the forearms against the pads. The dip handles flip up for unobstructed chin up exercises and its angled frame design secures the upper torso against the back pad and eliminates body sway while performin
  • knee raise exercises. The ankle pads secure body for sit up and abdominal crunch exercises.2 inch round, 2 inch x 2.75 inch rectangular, 14 gauge tubular steel frame constructionTriangular base frame construction allows you to place the unit neatly into the corner of a roomDurable powder-coated finishTC-3508Online Exclusive
Marcy Standard Bench
  • The Standard Bench includes an adjustable preacher curl bicep pad, a dual function leg developer with pivot point that aligns with knee joints, an adjustable four position back pad, comfortable foam roller pads, and an independent pec-fly arm. The benefits include the compact frame design, the durable construction, it is easy to assemble, and it exercises most major muscle groups.Upholstery- rolled construction with high density foam, and accentuated vinyl.Accepts standard and mid size barbellsFinish- durable powder coatSteel tubing- 1 inch x 2 inch and 2 inch x 2 inch 14 gauge square tubingMD-389
Marcy Standard Bench with 80 lb. Weight Set
  • The Standard Bench with 80 lb. Weight Set targets upper and lower body muscle groups, burns calories and loose weight, tones and defines muscles, and increases strength and stamina. The 80 lb. vinyl coated weight set includes one-piece standard size weight bar, 2 standard size spring retaining clips, 2 x 25 lb. weight plates, 2 x 15 lb. weight plate. It has a durable powder coated finish.Multi-position back pad adjusts for incline and flat chest press exercisesAccepts standard and mid size barbellsTotal
  • leg developer targets quadricep, hamstring, and glute muscles1.25 inch x 1.25 inch heavy duty steel tube frameMD-2080
Competitor Olympic Bench
  • If you want a total workout from the comfort of your home, the Competitor Olympic Bench has a lot to offer It features independent, adjustable height crutches with quick release pop pin knobs, while the multi position back pad adjusts to chest press, incline press, decline press, and military exercise positions. The dual function leg developer allows for leg extensions and supine leg curls. The heavy duty steel frame has a durable powder coat finish designed to keep perfect pace with your active
  • lifestyle.
Marcy Utility Bench
  • The Marcy Adjustable Bench SB510 is the perfect addition to your personal home exercise space. The 2x2 heavy duty steel tube frame has a durable powder coated finish and features high density boxed upholstery constructed from top grade high density foam with a non binding rollover edge. The 8 position back pad adjusts to military, incline, flat and decline exercise positions, and the adjustable, oversized leg hold down foam roller pads keep you stable and secure. This bench will adapt to most squat
  • racks, half cages and Smith machines, and the spring loaded pop pin release catch glides smoothly across the chrome plated adjustment slide tube. You will be able to target upper and lower abdominal muscle groups, train your upper body muscles, tone, define and burn calories to lose weight with this high performing bench.
Marcy Standard Bench
  • The Marcy Pro Standard bench is a heavy duty, top quality standard bench for anyone looking for a total body workout. With over 25 classic strength training exercises available, you can have a gym quality workout in your very own home. The MWB 479 features a gym rack style bar with safety catches and rear rack access for power exercises.
Competitor OPP Bench and 80 lb. Weight Set
  • The OPP Bench and Weight Set includes a sturdy frame construction with high density foam padding. The total leg developer targets quadricep, hamstring and glute muscles.Adjustable preacher curl pad for isolating bicep musclesIncludes 80 lb. vinyl coated weight setAccepts standard and mid size barbellsMulti-position back pad adjusts for incline and flat chest press exercisesCB-20110
Marcy Utility Bench
  • Talk about well adjusted the Marcy Utility Bench adjusts to practically any workout. A back pad adjusts to chest press, incline press, military press, decline press, and flat positions, while the tilting seat adjusts to three positions. The utility bench made of a durable, powder coated steel frame with high density foam and two tone upholstery. Plus, transport wheels and a handle grip make for easy moving, and the bench folds flat for no-fuss storage.
Gold's Gym XR 6.0 Utility Bench
Was:  $199.99
Now:  $89.99
  • Target and tone your muscles with Golds Gym XR 6.0 Utility Bench. Four different bench positions, flat, incline, decline, and military, let you isolate different muscle groups. Comfortable sewn vinyl seats provide comfort and durability while lifting. And the Golds Gym XR 6.0 Utility Bench also includes an exercise chart designed by a certified personal trainer, so you can follow along and maximize your strength training experience.
Gold's Gym XR 10.1 Olympic Bench
Was:  $199.99
Now:  $149.99
  • Able to withstand the force of Olympic width bars, the Gold s Gym 10.1 Olympic Bench challenges lifters to perform at their very best to match professional level standards. Features adjustable bench for flat, incline, or decline positions. Strong enough to hold Olympic width 6 foot and 7 foot bars, sewn vinyl seats. Includes adjustable weight crutch. Multi-position bench allows you to work varios upper body muscle groups. Six roll leg lockdown stabilizes movement and posture to work quads,
  • hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors. Targets pecs, biceps, triceps, and legs. Integrated weight storage keeps workout station tidy and organized. Includes step by step exercise chart.
Gold's Gym XR 6.1 Bench
Was:  $149.99
Now:  $79.99
  • Get total-body training and incredible results with the Golds Gym XR 6.1 Bench. Featuring a multi-position bench that conveniently adjusts to flat, incline, and decline, the Golds Gym XR 6.1 Bench will give you a versatile and personalized workout for maximum results. Fixed uprights offer convenience and safety they hold up to 110 pounds of weight before or after your workout. Plus, you can develop your quads, hamstrings, and glutes with the padded 4-roll leg developer. The Golds Gym XR 6.1
  • Bench also features, sewn, vinyl seats and an exercise chart designed by a personal trainer.
Gold's Gym XR 5.9 Bench
Was:  $99.99
Now:  $59.99
  • Designed for developing core and upper body exercises, the Gold s Gym XR 5.9 Bench s adjustable positions promise to intensify your ab routine in addition to standard curls and incline benching. Features adjustable bench for flat, incline, or decline positons. Sewn vinyl seats. Multi-position bench allows you to work various upper body muscle groups, bench converts into a slant board for strenuous ab exercises. Four roll leg lockdown stabilizes movement and posture. Targets pecs, biceps, triceps
  • and legs while engaging your curl. Includes step by step exercise chart.
Weider Bungee Bench
  • Weider Bungee Bench-swivel Seat with Lock
    Easily swivel from left to right as you move through different strength exercises. If you’re ready to focus on perfecting one movement, the seat locks to hold your position. 3 Levels of Resistance Start your strength training today with light resistance and as you grow stronger, the Weider® Bungee Bench progresses with you. Our light, medium, and heavy resistance levels bring dimension to your workouts and develop with you over time.
  • Positions
    Find the seat position that feels the most comfortable for you with two backrest options. Lean back with the natural frame design, or lean forward with a slight adjustment. The padded seat will keep you comfortable through every workout.2 Comfort-Grip Foam Handles When you're ready to challenge your upper body, clip in the two Comfort-Grip foam handles to the resistance cords of choice. Now you can easily move through your favorite exercises with limitless angles to explore.
  • Hook and Loop Ankle Attachments Strengthen your lower body when you attach the adjustable double ankle attachments to the resistance cords. Simply step through the loops and you're ready to go No Assembly Required
    The Weider Bungee Bench is ready to go out of the box. No messy assembly required. Designed for easy storage, the Bungee Bench easily collapses flat to fit under the bed or in the closet.
Weider 2980 X Weight System
  • Weider 2980 X Weight System80 lb Weight, StackUp to 214 lbs of resistance. High Pulley with Lat Bar. Low Pulley. Style Code: WESY1938
Weider 255 Incline Bench
  • Weider 255 Incline Bench90 Seat Adjustment Ideal for dumbbell exercises and other weight lifting workouts, this bench adjusts to deliver a personalized workout and proper exercise form. 4-Roll Leg Lockdown. Enjoy comfortable stability and a more controlled workout with the 4-roll leg lockdown feature. Vinyl Seats Durable vinyl seats add comfort to your training.
    Exercise Chart Maximize your workout with the included step-by-step exercise chart. Created by a certified personal trainer, this
  • chart delivers the expertise you need to get started.
Weider  Ultimate Body Works Home  gym
  • Weider Ultimate Body Works Home gymOver 50 body-shaping exercises. 4 power bands offers up to 50 lbs of additional resistance. SpaceSaver design conveniently folds for easy storage. WEBE15911. Online Exclusive.
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