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Bauer Vapor X700 Senior Hockey Stick
  • Bauer maintains its focus on puck handling and quick release in the Vapor X700 stick. In order to optimize the load and recoil energy in the lower part of the shaft, Bauer has re-engineered the flex profile to include an aggressive taper that they are referring to as their QRT (Quick Release Taper) Technology. This technology replaces the dual flex zone Intelli-Sense Flex Technology that was featured in the previous Vapor models.
  • The shaft of the X700 is comprised of a Visible Carbon Basket Weave, consisting of Premium Carbon Composite (the same kind you would find on a high end bike frame) along with fiberglass and features a traditional, proven, fused construction. The Micro Feel II shaft profile has rounded corners and double-concave walls which allow the shaft to fit comfortably into your hands, resulting in easier puck handling and superior control. The X700 is available in a matte or Griptac finish.
  • The X700 features Bauer's Dual Density core blade core that is wrapped in 3k carbon composite for high-end performance and feel. Additionally, this entire Vapor line includes Bauer's Pure Shot Blade Profile which is that visible expanded throat design that reduces the amount of blade twisting or opening while shooting.
Bauer Supreme 160 Senior Hockey Skates
  • The Bauer Supreme 160 Ice Hockey Skates offer some great features that are found in the Supreme models above, which include the Lightspeed Edge holder with the quick release trigger system making changing out the steel an easy task. The Bauer Supreme 160 skates also have the ability to be baked for an improved feet and reduced break-in period.
  • The boot is lined with Hydrophobic microfiber, which helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. The 2-piece Form-Fit tongue gives you lace-bite protection while keeping the Supreme look with classic white felt. A molded footbed with integrated heel support gives you the comfort you want while getting the most out of your stride.
  • Bauer Supreme 160 Ice Hockey Skates - Senior
  • Bauer Supreme 160 Upper Features
  • Quarter Package: 3D Reinforced Trueform tech PU
  • Lining Material: Hydrophobic microfiber
  • Ankle Padding: Anaform fit foam ankle pads
  • Tongue Construction: Form-Fit 40 oz 2-piece felt with high density metatarsel guard
  • Footbed: Molded with integrated heel support
  • Thermoformable: Full upper
Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet
  • Bauer's Prodigy line has dominated the youth goalie market as it provides top protection for the little guy or girl looking to tackle the position. Now, Bauer is looking to do the same for the youthful skater in your life.
  • The Prodigy Helmet comes not only as a cost-effective option, but the best one for the parent looking out for his or her little star. Dual-density foam surrounds the helmet, allowing you to not worry as much when slipping or crashing into the boards occur. The dual-ridge crown helps stabilize the helmet upon any impact.
  • CSA, HECC and CE certified, the Prodigy Helmet features a two-piece adjustable shell to fit the proper head size. The tool-free adjustment provides you with the ability to adjust the helmet size on the fly without worry of grabbing a screwdriver.
Bauer Vapor X400 Senior Hockey Skates
  • Take over the game this season as you tear up and down the ice in the Bauer Vapor X400 Ice Hockey Skates. Using TUUK LIGHTSPEED Pro blade holder and TUUK Super Stainless steel runner, the Vapor X400 skates can give you blinding speed that blows by the defense. Made with anaform foam ankle pads and an anatomical, 2-piece felt with mid density foam guard in the tongue, the Vapor X400 skates deliver the protection your feet need.
  • Tech nylon with thermoformed X-rib pattern quarter adds comfort
  • Microfiber lining material keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Anaform foam ankle pads add comfort and protection
  • Anatomical, 2-piece felt with mid density foam metatarsal guard adds protection in the tongue
  • Molded comfort EVA foot bed ensures a comfortable wearing quality
  • Thermoadjustable upper
  • Injected TPR outsole
  • TUUK LIGHTSPEED Pro blade holder adds stability and speed
  • TUUK Super Stainless steel runner can add game-changing speed and explosiveness
  • Bauer
Bauer i200 Sr. Street Hockey Stick
  • Stiff nylon blade gives the player the feel and durability demanded on rough surfaces. Features a lightweight wood handle with different length and radius for Senior, Junior or Youth players. Ideal stick for Street, Dek or Ball Hockey.
  • High impact glass filled nylon blade
  • Matte blade finish with etched visual design
  • Multi-ply birch shaft
  • P92 blade pattern on all models
Mission Hi-Lo Switch Indoor/Outdoor 68mm/78A Inline Hockey Wheels 4-Pack
  • Surface: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Color: Green
  • Sizes: 68mm - 78A
Bauer IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmet Combo
  • The Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo is built with dual density foam, dual ridge crown, integrated ear covers, and a Bauer 2100 facemask. This helmet is also CSA, HECC, CE certified with a tool-free adjustment for a customized fit.
  • Dual-density foam
  • Dual-ridge crown
  • Bauer 2100 facemask
  • Integrated ear covers
  • CSA, HECC, CE certified
  • Tool-free adjustment
Bauer NLP7 Core Collar Adult Hockey Neck Guard
  • Liner: 100% Polyester
  • Interior: Polyurethane foam
  • Top: 100% Nylon
  • Padded and adjustable
  • Reinforced nylon material for cut resistant protection
  • THERMO MAX+ anti-odor and moisture management technology
  • BNQ and CE certified neck protection
  • Neck Circumference: 13.5" - 17"
Bauer NLP7 Core Collar Youth Hockey Neck Guard
  • Liner: 100% Polyester
  • Interior: Polyurethane foam
  • Top: 100% Nylon
  • Padded and adjustable
  • Reinforced nylon material for cut resistant protection
  • THERMO MAX+ anti-odor and moisture management technology
  • BNQ and CE certified neck protection
  • Neck Circumference: 10" - 14"
Bauer Nexus 4000 Senior Hockey Stick
  • Mid kick provides natural release
  • 3K carbon fiber wrap protects blade
  • Matte finish
Bauer Vapor X60 Senior Shoulder Pads
  • Shoulder Cap: Thermoformed cap construction
  • Sternum: HD foam with PE insert
  • Spinal: Mid-density + PE insert
  • Front Side Panels: Mid-density foam
  • Back Kidney Panels: Mid-density foam
  • Bicep Guard: Molded thermoformed component
  • Arch: HD foam
  • Overall Fit: Tapered
  • Dynamic Components: 1-Piece bicep guard and arch support
  • Base Body: Multi segmented design
  • Liner: Hydrophobic mesh
Bauer Vapor X60 Senior Shin Guards
  • Shin Cap: Thermoformed ribbed cap
  • Knee Cap: Injected knee cap
  • Calf Guard: Mid-density foam inserts
  • Knee Wing: Mid-density foam insert
  • Thigh Protector: Mid-density foam
  • Overall Fit: Tapered
  • Strapping System: 2-strap system featuring wraparound strap
  • Liner: Hydrophobic mesh
Bauer 7500 Adult Hockey Helmet Combo
  • Triple-density protection
  • EPP 1/2 liner system for impact absorption
  • PORON inserts for extreme impact protection
  • Ergo translucent ear covers
  • Slow memory comfort foam
  • Floating pro ear loops
  • Includes 7500 facemask with true vision color and enhanced design profile with increased facial coverage
  • Facemask features dual-density floating chin cup with moisture channel
  • CSA, HECC and CE certified
  • MICROBAN antibacterial protection
  • Tool-free adjustments
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