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SwagTron NGL Swagboard NextGen Electric Skateboard
  • Ever imagined what it would be like to ride a skateboard in the future? Well now you can know! Introducing the new innovative, and brilliantly crafted Swagboard, everything you know and love about a skateboard, only re-imagined for the next generation. Built with a 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck, durable polyurethane wheels, and solid grip tape for a more stable, comfortable, and better overall ride, flexibility is in its nature. Power up your trip with a 24V, Li-ON Fe battery, featuring patented SentryShield design for ultimate safety, where you can also check its status anytime via the Smart Battery Indicator from the wireless remote. Want to go with the flow? Set the Cruise Control to any speed you like and ride up to 11 MPH while you manage a variety of settings with the convenient wireless remote that automatically pairs as you power on.
  • 7-play Canadian maple wood deck with grip tape Crafted with a durable 7-Play Maple Wood Deck increases stabilization, providing comfort, better control and tough long lasting durability.
  • Durable polyurethane wheels
  • Light weight SentryShield Design with Li-On Fe Battery heavy-duty but lightweight battery pack houses protects a high-quality 24V Li-On Fe Battery.
  • Wireless remote control with automatic pairing the hand-held wireless remote fits comfortable in your hand, giving you precision control with smooth, gradual acceleration and steady, controlled breaking.
  • Maximum speed up to 11 mph
  • Smart Battery Indicator
  • Travelling distance of up to 10 miles on a single charge
  • 24V battery housed in alloy for safety
SwagTron Swagger Electric Scooter
  • The SwagTron Swagger Scooter is the perfect way to up your swag. Crafted with the highest quality materials, the Swagger is a stylish, electric scooter with carbon-fiber frame. It is capable of handling up to 250 pounds so it's the perfect scooter for kids and adults alike. Fully UL2272 compliant, the Swagger is powered up with a robust, 24V Lithium-Ion battery capable of delivering up to 17 miles on a single charge. Use the kickstand for temporary parking while you charge it up in just 1.5
  • hours. Use the backlit LED display to change your current speed and then track your distance with a built in odometer. Other parts of the e-scooter include a throttle for acceleration, a handbrake, and a footbrake conveniently placed for maximum control and functionality. Built-in Cruise Control can be set at any speed up to 15 mph making it a great choice as a kid's sco oter and for adults wanting precise, consistent control of their speed. Extremely light at 17lbs, this powered scooter has
  • a completely collapsible frame and removable handles makes moving and storage fast and easy.
Swiftstream Z6 CV Drone
Was:  $49.99
Now:  $25.00
  • You are sure to have an amazing flight experience with this drone. Whether you are under a beautiful blue sky, or stuck indoors during a storm the Z6-CV has you covered. You will enjoy distances of up to 150 feet, 7 minute flight times, 360 flips in all directions, and a wide range of mtoion that includes: forward and backwards, up and down, left and right turns, side to side flying and hovering. But thats not all, this drone also comes with a 640x480 pixel undercarriage camera making it exciting
  • to take breath taking videos and photos while in flight. The included micro SD card reader makes it easier than ever to download, print, and share your missions. If you are ready for a one of a kind experience, this drone is for you.
  • Flies forward and backward, up and down, hovers, turns right and left, and strafes right and left, makes 360 flips
  • Built in 6 axis gyro for easy flight
  • Built in 0.3 MP camera with video
  • Records up to 7 minutes of video
  • 4 Hz digital controller with 5 channels and built in LCD screen
  • Up to 7 minutes of flight time
  • Flight distance: Up to 150 feet
  • Charge time: Up to 90 minutes with full charge indicator
  • Built in LED lights
  • For indoor and outdoor use
Swiftstream Z4 Mini Drone
Was:  $29.99
Now:  $24.99
  • The latest in technology is here. The Z4 Mini Drone fits inside the palm of your hand, but dont let the size fool you. Its the ultimate stunt machine, thrilling indoors and out. Two exciting speeds make it ideal for beginners and experts, and you and your friends can fly multiple drones at one time with our responsive 2.4 GHz digital remote controller. Enjoy 4 built in LED arm lights for nighttime flying and technical guidance, 360 aerial flips at the push of a button, and more. The Z4 is ready
  • to fly right out of the box.
  • Flies forward, backward, up, down, hovers, turns right and left, strafes right and left, makes 360 flips
  • Built in 6 axis gyro for easy flight
  • 4 Hz digital remote controller with 5 channels
  • Up to 8 minute flight time
  • Flight distance: Up to 40 feet
  • Up to 60 minute charge time
  • Built in LED lights
  • For indoor use
Scosche Boom Can  Blue Tooth  Speaker
  • The boomCAN BT packs remarkable audio into a portable frame perfect for taking your music anywhere. Wirelessly stream your favorite music from up to 30 feet away and enjoy rich, clear audio. Online Exclusive BTCANBK
Scosche Boom Bottle Rechargeable Speaker
  • Experience remarkable audio with the boomBOTTLE mini. The boomBOTTLE mini packs remarkable wireless audio into a rugged weatherproof frame perfect for trails, beach, snow or any other environment. Online Exclusive BTBTLMGY
Scosche BoomBars Wireless Bike Speaker
  • The boomBARS packs remarkable audio into a portable frame perfect for taking your music anywhere.
  • Wirelessly stream your favorite music from up to 30ft feet away and enjoy rich, clear audio.
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous music playback.
  • Also includes an audio/USB charging cable and travel pouch.
  • Enjoy clear and crisp media playback with the 35MM up-firing speaker that produces 360 degrees of sound.
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