Los Angeles Lakers Women's Apparel

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Los Angeles Lakers Women's Apparel

The Lakers are finally back! LeBron James is leading the path for Los Angeles to take a run at the NBA championship and bring the title back to where it belongs. With a young supporting cast that shows flashes of individual greatness all their own, this Lakers team is making strides and positioning themselves as the talk of the league.


Make yourself the talk of your fellow Lakers fans with unique designs and fresh takes on classic Los Angeles Lakers women’s apparel at Modell’s Sporting Goods. Whether you’re the casual fan that feels compelled by the LeBron hype to dive headfirst into Laker Nation, or you grew up on the Showtime Lakers or Shaq & Kobe era, Modell’s has a bevy of new items in our NBA fan shop that display just as much fashion as they do fandom. 


A cute cut on a logo t-shirt can transform a piece of clothing from “wear to the game” to “wear everyday”. Our Lakers women’s apparel is specially-designed with lady Laker fans in mind, to serve as quality branded clothing above all else. Fancy a player jersey t-shirt? Or perhaps you’d like to take a step up with the real thing? Look no further than our women’s cuts, available now in the Modell’s Sporting Goods Los Angeles Lakers women’s apparel collection.


If you’d like to go a little more subtle, check out a Lakers quarter-zip or full-zip pullover from our friends at Antigua. A classic American brand with a taste for athleisure fashion, these pullovers make for the ultimate accompaniment to any outfit. Grab it. Wear it. Head out the door. Your friends will love the level of sophistication you bring to your next Lakers watch party! 


Check out these Los Angeles Lakers women’s apparel designs and so many more with a deepdive into NBA fashion at Modell’s Sporting Goods!