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Tennis Shoes

When you're diving across the court to secure that next epic volley, you need a tennis shoe that can match the level of intensity that you bring to the game. Beyond performance, you want a tennis shoe that will incorporate your on-court style. Shop Modell's for sleek, sporty tennis shoe designs that will make you look great, feel great and play great.

Tennis is a game of lateral movement, difference surfaces, intense cardio and outright style. Knee and ankle injuries are all too common in the sport; you owe it to yourself to take every precaution possible to keep on the court for years to come. Modell's brands are high performance-designed, with strong shock absorption to guard your ligaments from fatigue, which can lead to injury.

Our top-rated tennis shoe manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits of innovation to create footwear that performs on every surface. Whether you're on a clay court, grass court, concrete or play surface, we have footwear that will provide traction and agility to your game. In a game so heavy in cardio, you need a lightweight shoe that is also breathable so you can best withstand the heat and endure the rigors of the sport. Our brands feature an extensive variety of lightweight, moisture-wicking materials that will absorb sweat you give on during your match and keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Modell's recognizes the must to maintain style on the court. We've partnered with our brands to present a collection of tennis shoes that features the absolute best in vibrant color design and fashionable curvature. Discover top-of-the-line tennis shoes from elite brands like Nike and New Balance.

Whether you're leading the charge on the serve-and-volley or holding down the baseline, Modell's has a tennis shoe ideal for your game.