Team Sports @ Modell's

Shopping for team sports and athletic equipment can be overwhelming – and expensive. From the newest basketball shoes and shorts to lightweight and durable lacrosse sticks, knowing what to look for and how to get the most bang for your buck can feel nothing short of daunting. That’s why when you’re looking for new gear to take your game to the next level, Modell’s has a variety of options to outfit your team sports equipment for the upcoming season.

Modell’s proudly carries equipment for every major team sport and every age group. The game of baseball is evolving, and no longer is a powerful bat the only piece of equipment that a player needs in their bag. To cover all your baseball and softball equipment needs, Modell’s has the finest cleats to boost your speed and traction, batting gloves to help your grip at the plate and catching gloves to dominate the defense. For our shoppers looking for a new stick to bust out on the ice, we carry a variety of hockey equipment to get you through the long season. A quality set of knee pads and socks are vital to a soccer player’s performance, but finding the right pair of cleats or soccer shoes to keep upright on the field, even in the worst weather, is critical to preventing injury and playing your best game. No matter the sport, Modell’s offers a one-stop shop for the best deals on all your team sports equipment needs.