Tennis Clothes

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Tennis Clothes

Lighting up the court with a smashing volley is one way to turn heads in tennis. The other way is to look great while playing the game. Why not kill two birds with one stone? With a wide range of tennis clothes options at Modell’s Sporting Goods, you can accomplish just that. Be the talk of the club with your sense of tennis fashion, then stun them with the functionality that your tennis clothes bring out in you.

Tennis outfits are an extension of the game itself. Meant to both stand up to the elements and rigors of a long, tiring match, while walking away from the court with a degree of style and taste of proper tradition, tennis clothes serve multiple purposes of a complex game. It all starts with the classic tennis polo shirt.

A staple of tennis attire for decades, the polo is meant to be a simple yet stated article of clothing, one that has transformed in recent years in response to innovations of performance-enhancing fabrics that get the most out of your game. Moisture wicking materials and dry fabrics that are designed to smoothly remove excess sweat and body heat, keeping you cool and dry over the course of a match, have revolutionized the tennis clothes game. Modell’s has partnered with legendary tennis clothing brands to bring you the best of both worlds, with modern tennis polos that perform in the new age while retaining the traditions of the old school.

We accompany the polo with a selection of ¾ sleeve tees and long sleeves for different climates. Our tennis clothes are rounded out with flex tennis shorts that are highly breathable and comfortable to wear while hammering home that ace. With manufacturers like Nike and adidas at the helm, let Modell’s be your guide to performance tennis clothes.