Sports Bags & Sports Backpacks

Having an on-the-go lifestyle can make it challenging to know what to do with the everyday items that you always carry, but the newest designs of stylish sports bags and backpacks are sure to keep everything you need close by. Rolling bags that utilize built-in casters can save your back the extra work and make it easier to move from place to place, while lightweight backpacks from companies like Nike come in a variety of vibrant color combinations to help you stand out from the crowd in style. Outdoor sports bags from The North Face are perfect for a day hike through the mountains and to sport at the coffee shop on your way home, while Under Armour backpacks feature padded straps that will keep even the heaviest loads from digging in to your shoulders. Whether hopping on the subway while headed to work, walking across campus to your next class or bringing along an extra change of post-workout clothes to the gym, Modell’s carries sports bags and backpacks of all shapes, styles, colors and brands to satisfy your any need. If you’re looking for a sports bags that’s water-resistant to keep your possessions clean in the elements, or need a pack with a laptop sleeve to keep your valuable electronics safe, Modell’s has a backpack for you. Always carrying the brands you love at a price you’ll love even more, we’re sure to have a sports bag option that suits your needs.