Boxing & MMA Gear

Looking for a way to get in better shape while learning self-defense skills that can work in the real world? Have a passion for the “sweet science”, footwork and strategy of the boxing world? Or maybe you just like working the bags at the gym to take a little frustration and stress out after a long work week? Whatever the reason, boxing and MMA training have become increasingly popular avenues to get a multi-dimensional, enjoyable workout. But these physical activities aren’t just about shadowboxing, and having the proper boxing gear will ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout. From hand wraps and boxing gloves that protect your hands and joints while boxing, to training bags and striking equipment, a well-rounded boxing session necessitates a full scope of boxing gear. Modell’s Sporting Goods is here to get you in the gym and moving in the ring, with a full array of boxing gear and MMA equipment to prepare you for your next workout… or your next fight! Of course, what’s a boxer without their gloves? Modell’s Sporting Goods proudly partners with Everlast to carry an extensive catalog of gloves from the most recognizable brand in the boxing world. In a variety of colors, weights and sizes, find your perfect boxing glove in our online shop and starting swinging those fists! We also carry protective hand wraps for training, as well as mouth guards and headgear to keep you protected while sparring. If you’re looking for boxing training gear for your home gym, check out our heavy bags and speed bags. From free standing heavy bags to suspension bags with weights up to 100 lbs., you’re sure to find an awesome piece of boxing gear at Modell’s Sporting Goods to compliment your gym and get you practicing your moves!