Skates & Roller Blades

Spending a week by the beach this season with the family? Why not stroll along the boardwalk with a set of awesome inline or quad skates? For adults or children, our skate sets are the premier way to pack up and roll out for a leisurely morning around town! Stock up on sets for the whole family and save a bundle! With ultra-safe, sleek and stylish inline skates that bring a fresh switch to your workout, what’s not to love? Modell’s Sporting Goods has partnered with some of the top skate brands in the industry to bring high quality roller blades and inline skates to our customers at premier affordable price levels. Our skates are comfortable, with a true fit your feet will appreciate. Breathability is a major factor; who wants their feet to be drenched in sweat ten minutes into a workout? With comfort training footbeds, you’ll be feeling fresh and cool for the whole ride! Safety is always of the utmost importance. Our skates feature durable aluminum frames, structured bearings, and coated aluminum buckles to keep your heel strapped and secure. What about when your time at the beach is coming to a close? Looking for ice skates to run the rink in your upcoming intramural hockey season? Shop our selection of high-speed, quick-cutting ice skates at Modell’s Sporting Goods! Perfect for leisurely skates at the local rink or for hard-hitting figure skating competitions, we feature ice skates for adults, children, boys and girls. Our ice skates provide ample support for heels and ankles in lightweight designs so you can glide across the rink! With padded liners, easy-pull tongues, and sharp, sturdy blades, find a pair of ice skates at Modell’s that will stand up to any test. With classic brands in stock like Lake Placid, Bladerunner, Bauer and A&R, shop at Modell’s with confidence and save along the way!