Athletic Footwear

No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, your feet are the critical factor guiding you from Point A to Point B. They deserve to be treated well, and not just in terms of style but also to optimize durability and minimize injury. Our brands of athletic footwear are designed to do just that. Not an athlete? That’s ok! Just because “athletic” is in the name doesn’t mean you have to be Michael Jordan or Serena Williams to own a solid pair of athletic shoes. Makes sense, right? Then look no further than Modell’s. From the casual jogger who needs a pair of running shoes for the occasional stroll to athletes needing cleats to dominate the field, Modell’s has a massive selection of athletic footwear to meet all your needs. We carry popular brands like ASICS running shoes, Nike cross trainers, adidas, Converse and many more. For specific sports needs, we have you covered with an extensive catalog of basketball, baseball and soccer shoes and cleats all at a great price. We’re dedicated to carrying brands that are known for their comfort and quality, so you can get to the top of your game. Any sport, any activity, we’ve got you covered with the most stylish athletic footwear available online.